automatic, electronic steering system for tractors, harvesters, mobile working platforms etc. with electrohydraulic steering.

SmartPilot steers your vehicle, allowing you to concentrate fully on your work.
The modular structure of our control technology means the system can be adapted to your requirements.
The robust SmartPilot control unit can be fitted to your vehicle in a matter of moments, and is immediately ready for use.
The ergonomic SmartPilot touchscreen display allows you to set the parameters of the steering system easily.


  • Highly accurate spray distribution and coverage
  • Both, pressure and flow regulator are working speed dependent
  • Ergonomic operation via colored display terminal with rotary knob
  • Integrated fuel indicator
  • Various speedsensors such as radar etc. can be adapted
  • USB-Interface
  • Electronic spray operation journal
  • Comprehensive logging of all process parameters
  • Modular expandable
    • Expandable up to 14 boom sections
    • Flow rate regulation (hydraulically / electrically)


Control system for special pruning machines for fruit cultivation.

Robust eStack IO40 control unit and ergonomic operating unit with joystick and touchscreen display.


Electronic control unit for remote control of Fendt Vario 200 external travel mode.

Ruged eStack control and operating unit. VARIOAssistant can be expanded with our SmartPilot ultrasonic steering system

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