A modular controller that grows with your automation tasks.

Standardisation within the modular system enables various functional units to be assembled.
We assemble precisely the configuration you need for your application with a selection of 14 function modules at present which are assembled on the standard base circuit board.
As a result, even in the prototype phase, economically optimised and technically mature solutions are created within the shortest possible time. The function sequences for the application in question can be pre-programmed.

You as the user can also easily generate the control software yourself:

  • In the same way as with the hardware configuration, the operating system provides access to the corresponding software function modules.
  • Depending on the requirement and application range, different housing concepts can be selected (robust housing IP67 or DIN-rail assembly).

Individual implementation – modular structure


  • Individual configuration of functions
  • Unique modular technology at hardware and software level
  • Consistent housing concept
  • Compact
  • Economical
  • Expandable

At present, the following module variants are available:

  • Digital inputs (8-way)
  • Pulse inputs (8-way)
  • Analog inputs PT100/200 (4-way)
  • Analog inputs voltage (8-way)
  • Analog inputs current (8-way)
  • Analog outputs (8-way)
  • Digital outputs p-switching (8-way)
  • Digital outputs n-switching (8-way)
  • PWM outputs (4-way)
  • Slope sensor (2 axles)
  • H-bridge (4A)

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