A modular controller that grows with your automation tasks.

Standardisation within the modular system enables various functional units to be assembled.
We assemble precisely the configuration you need for your application with a selection of 14 function modules at present which are assembled on the standard base circuit board.

CANopen compact controller

The device delivers binary and analog inputs and outputs in a CAN bus system.

The ability to program in “C” allows for application-specific signal processing or linking right through to processing completely independent control tasks.


The Lynx system and its peripheral components enable the TAKAYA APT 9411CE platform to be expanded for function tests in a standardised manner.

  • Integrated in-system programming unit (SMH Flashburner)
  • Flexible communication interface
    (CAN, CANopen, Ethernet, RS232, USB, RS485, I2C)
  • Simple generation of I/O-commands with Merlin I/O builder
  • Integration of additional measuring and stimulation equipment
  • Linux operating system on the Lynx interface box
  • The Lynx interface box is setup as a 19″ rack system and can be expanded for specific customers

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