Merlin News

Merlin release – Version 3.34

In addition to the elimination of minor errors, the main focus of the new version 3.34 was updating the technology stack Merlin server is based on.

+ The technology stack Merlin server is based on has been updated
+ The needle calculation algorithm has been improved. In exceptional cases wrong needles could get calculated

Merlin release – Version 3.32

In the new version, we have focused on a new feature

+ Merlin now supports testing of cable harnesses. For this purpose, a special board is inserted into the Takaya, on which both ends of the wiring harness are plugged. Merlin generates the required test steps
+ In the test specification, a test can now be created based on a gate name pattern
+ Merlin now saves the state of the Merlin Explorer
+ Some bugs have been fixed; including a memory leak, which occurred when hundreds of packages got opened

Merlin release – Version 3.31

In addition to the elimination of minor errors, the new version 3.31 again includes a variety of new features and improvements.
+ An ASCII export has been integrated for VISCOM (extra license required)
+ Via the BOM import sub types of gates can now be assigned directly.
+ Improved algorithm for automatic calculation of bounding boxes
+ In the network pin assignment, the test points are now directly visible

Merlin release – Version 3.30

The new version contains several improvements
+ It is possible to add additional component libraries. This is handy for all Merlin customer with a lot of provided components
+ The Library Mapping storage node may be defined for automatic processing
+ LOC information can be set within the test template, now
+ Performance of PDF viewer and TestRestult view to handle big project has been improved significant

Merlin release – Version 3.29

The main focus in this version had been the improvement of Merlin repair.
+ We added a new function so for each step a new status may be added
+ The repair view is completely reworked
+ It is possible to highlight device and net at the same time
+ Ticket search improved

There are serveral more changes for merlin, too.
+ The case collision filter for needle access has been improved.
+ More comments will be written into the CA9

productronica 2017

productronica | World’s Leading Trade Fair for Electronics Development and Production
November 14 – 17, 2017. Hall A1 / Booth 239.

Merlin release – Version 3.28

In this version we provide two frequently requested improvements.
1. We revised the test result view. What did we do? We separated the status column into a status and redundant column. We added an accurate status summary and improved the status colors.
2. We provide the possibility to add wildcards (* or ?) for net references. This will help all customers with a complex net naming pattern. Before it was only possible to define a start sequence and assign a corresponding net type. Now it is possible to add *VCC* as power net but *V?C* as ground net by adding your own order.

More changes:
+ export all tests even if they are redundant (new feature)
+ export pin coordinate with only one needle, like calculated
+ task view doesn’t require access point calculation anymore if not necessary
+ remove do not test from test column in coverage report

Merlin release – Version 3.27

This new Version provides a new function to improve the calculated access point position.
The function is a combination of the existing minimal access point dimameter and a new preferred distance to pad border. The algorithm tries to optimize the distance between boarder and access point to the given preferred distance. But at the same time we still able to create an accesspoint based on the minimal diameter on small areas.

For Merlin repair a new PDF Viewer option is available.

Merlin release – Version 3.26

In this version we do have an extension for a summary BOM to recognize groups like C14-C17,C21-C23 and to covert them during the import to C14, C15, C16, C17, C21, C22, C23.
Additionally we focus on improving access point location and access point calculation performance. The diagram show how we have improved the performace over the last versions for different projects.

Merlin release – Version 3.25

The highlight in this version is a new feature to change the bounding box within the CAD-Viewer and Package-Viewer in only one dimension. Just switch into the bounding box edit mode and during the mouse move to editthe bounding size press either “SHIFT+X” or “SHIFT+Y” to only change one dimension. Pressing only “SHIFT” will keep the image ratio as before.